Aug 27, 2008

What is social justice?

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's event and responded to the conversation starter. A special 'thank you' to Nora Burton for organizing the event.

In order to share the jist of the conversation, here are some of the short responses we got on our poster board workspace:

Human rights (3)
The chance to have a healthy, productive life, no matter where it is lived
World without prejudice and hatred
Confronting stereotyped, norms, and cultural practices to bring about equality
Challenging the status quo
Equality - rights, living, opportunity
Justice in all parts of society, not just the government
Giving voice to oppressed communities
Addressing the root causes of injustice
Redistributing wealth and opportunity
Active work towards equality (4)
Equity for communities of color
Social movements combating inequality and discrimination
Having an equal voice in society

Let's recreate the vigor of last night's discussion in the comments field!

What is social justice?

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Nora Burton said...

Thanks to Lyn Hunter, from Philanthropy Northwest for forwarding us a link to a new report from AAPIP, "Growing Opportunities: Will Funding Follow the Rise in Foundation
Assets and Growth of AA PI Populations?"

Thanks, Lyn!