Jul 27, 2009

Mobile giving is catching on

From the Seattle Times today:

Business & Technology | Mobile giving is catching on | Seattle Times Newspaper

For most nonprofits, raising money means asking donors to write a check.

But like music, maps and movies, charitable giving is also going mobile.

With a mobile phone, donating to a cause can be as simple as typing MEALS, WATER or ALIVE.

"Giving should be easy, it should be fun and it should be rewarding," said Jim Manis, chief executive of the Mobile Giving Foundation, a Bellevue-based nonprofit that provides technology for charitable organizations to run mobile campaigns.

Read the article and let us know what you think. This will help to inform our conversation for our August 13th event at the Jelly Bar. How do you feel about technology? Does it stress you out oro inspire you? Is your Foundation hip to technology or lagging behind? Do you connect with your colleagues or grantees on Facebook? Have you ever made a really embarrassing technological blunder at work?

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