Jul 8, 2009

Are you a volunteer?

Are you wondering how to respond to President Obama’s call to service? A number of local organizations in Seattle offer great resources for serving as a volunteer, including skills-based volunteerism and board service training.

Panelists at EPIP's Philanthropology workshop suggested that next generation philanthropy professionals stay grounded by volunteering for a local nonprofit. It will help remind you of what it's like to be on the fundraising/service delivery side of the fence, and will also help keep you critical of your own practices, while you are immersed in theirs.
Seattle Works
Offers one-time and long-term volunteer opportunities, as well as The Bridge, an introductory class that trains individuals for board service.

United Way of King County
Offers one-time and long-term volunteer opportunities throughout King County.

Philanthropy Northwest

Offers a Job Bank that includes a searchable database of skills-based volunteer opportunities at nonprofits.

Offers a searchable database of volunteer opportunities throughout the country and encourages individuals to pledge 5 hours in their communities.
Do you have other ideas? Post them as comments and we'll add to the list!

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Zoosa said...

if your readers are interested in enhancing their work experience, they should consider making their professional skills available to volunteer coordinators... that's our goal of a recently launched website: www.zoosa.org

I'd love to hear what you think if you have a few moments to check it out!