Feb 3, 2010

Next Generation Giving Opportunity

Here's a great opportunity coming to you from a partnership between Social Justice Fund NW and Resource Generation's Seattle chapter. This is a great chance to build social justice grantmaking skills!

In 2010, Social Justice Fund NW and Resource Generation are partnering to move money for social change with a cross-class, democratic grantmaking process. A group of 10-20 people under 40 years old will build community while deepening strategies for progressive philanthropy.

This project is for those who:
  • Are under 40 years old
  • Are passionate about social change
  • Want to address issues of class and privilege in meaningful ways
  • Want to make a personal and community investment in change (at a level meaningful to you)
For more information, contact Zeke or Uma at the Social Justice Fund NW office: 206-624-4081, or by email: zeke (at) socialjusticefund (dot) org, or uma (at) socialjusticefund (dot) org.

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