Jul 12, 2010

EPIP Seattle's new "library"

Thanks to Deb Wolf for her contributions to EPIP Seattle's growing library. One of the benefits of being an EPIP member is having access to a variety of different books, reports and papers, so we can each build our own philanthropic libraries!

Some of the new titles include:
Outcome Funding: A New Approach to Targeted Grantmaking

Gude to Funding for International and Foreign Programs

National Guide to Funding Community Development
We will sort through the stack (pictured above) and will house our growing library in the offices of Philanthropy NW. Next time you're there, check them out!

Every dues-paying EPIP member should have a copy of Wit & Wisdom: Unleashing the Philanthropic Imagination, and EPIP National Conference attendees each picked up a copy of Working Across Generations by Frances Kunreuther, Robby Rodriguez and Helen Kim. Several of us also purchased Grassroots Philanthropy by Bill Somerville, which we're happy to lend to anyone who is interested!

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