Oct 19, 2012

Pacific Northwest African Donors Forum - October 25

The African Women's Development Fund USA (AWDF USA), with the support of its co-sponsor, the Pacific Northwest Global Donors Conference, is organizing a Pacific Northwest Africa Donors Forum to highlight and promote the region's giving to African causes. 

The Forum is taking place on October 25th from 4-9 PM in downtown Seattle at the West 8th Building, 4th Floor Conference room at 2001 8th Avenue in downtown Seattle. Tickets are available here

The region's first-ever Africa Donors Forum, the event will convene diaspora givers, foundations and other philanthropists of all backgrounds to strengthen the impact of giving to the continent.

According to AWDF USA Executive Director, Dr. Jackie Copeland-Carson, "The World Bank estimates that African immigrants in the US gave $11 billion to their home countries in 2010 alone, far exceeding the giving of America's foundations to the continent. With its high level of African immigration as well as a strong broader foundation and community interest in Africa, the Pacific Northwest has become a hub of innovation for African giving. Our Pacific Northwest and similar forums across the country will help increase the impact of American giving to Africa."

The Forum includes three events that are designed to build knowledge, networks and collaboration among the region's Africa donors.

For more information, visit www.usawdf.org. 

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