Jun 5, 2010

Funding opportunity from the Next Generation Giving Project

Several months ago, we alerted the Seattle EPIP community to a great new opportunity from the Social Justice Fund NW and our local Resource Generation chapter- a project called the Next Generation Giving Project. Here's an exciting update and a potential new funding resource for you or for some of your grantees. Read on!
Early this year, we brought together a diverse cross-class group of 18 young people to move money for social change through fundraising and grantmaking. So far we’ve gotten to know each other, built our analysis and skills, and made personal pledges of financial support. We were all blown away by everyone’s generosity—these contributions added up to $90,000! Participants are just kicking off their fundraising efforts.

We’ve published articles about three of our meetings written by participants in our email Justice Journal. You can read them here, here and here.

Meanwhile, the group has decided to review proposals from a broad spectrum of social justice oriented community organizing groups throughout our region. Please help us spread the word! To find out more about the opportunity, visit the Apply for a Grant page on our website. Groups interested in applying should download the application here as well as review SJF's general grant guidelines here. The deadline for applications is July 8. For questions about the funding process contact Uma Rao.
There are many Seattle EPIP members who are participating in the Next Generation Giving Project and would love to share their experiences with you. Contact Zeke or Uma at the Social Justice Fund for more information, or ask about it at the upcoming June 10th happy hour at Wann Izakaya!

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